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[SOLVED] Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Crash when opening a new query window

At times, when opening a new query window, or selecting top 1000 rows, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio would crash with the following error message “SQL Server Management Studio has stopped working“: When I click on the “View problem details” … Continue reading

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[SOLVED] SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Report Viewer – The parameter does not default to NULL

I came across a weird behavior with reports today. I was trying to add a new parameter with NULL default value to an existing report in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, and when viewing the report, the “NULL” checkbox would not … Continue reading

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Solved: Windows Live Mesh not synchronizing some folders anymore

I’ve been running the Platform “Next” Pre-Release (you should too!) and I found it useful to install it once on a PC, and use Windows Live Mesh 2011 to replicate the whole PortableApps folder. That includes the platform itself … Continue reading

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Solved: streaming media (music) not showing anymore in WHS 2011

I encountered a problem today when my music would disappear from Windows Media Center clients and the list of songs in the media streaming section of remote web access would be nearly empty (just a few dozen songs would be … Continue reading

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Convert Microsoft Photo Story 3 WMV videos to other formats

I’m usually using HighSlide JS to create and share slideshows of pictures on our website. But sometimes, colleagues would like to create their own photo slideshows and they would create and publish them with Photo Story 3, a free tool … Continue reading

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Like one color but don’t know other matching colors? Use the free online tool Color Scheme Designer

I was creating an About.Me page ( and you’ve got some options to set the colors of you background and texts. Web pages can become rather ugly when colors don’t match, so I wanted to have a nice color palette … Continue reading

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How PhotoRec saved my marriage

Well, not really, but it certainly recovered my lost pictures, and that means a lot when you’re married with kids. Let me explain the story. I was given a free USB SD card reader some time ago as part of … Continue reading

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