Solved: Windows Live Mesh not synchronizing some folders anymore

I’ve been running the Platform “Next” Pre-Release (you should too!) and I found it useful to install it once on a PC, and use Windows Live Mesh 2011 to replicate the whole PortableApps folder. That includes the platform itself (the launcher and the updater) plus all my favorite portable apps. Now why you ask? Because this new suite (which is quite stable already despite the Pre-Release warning) automatically finds and installs apps updates at launch. That way, I automatically get all new software updates (Chrome, Firefox, Notepad++, etc.) on all my sync’ed PCs (laptop, home desktop and work desktop, all running Windows 7) in one single click (yes, you can pin the PortableApps Platform launcher to the taskbar!).

Now after a recent platform upgrade (might be the latest 4.2 or the previous one), my portable apps would not be replicated anymore. After some binging, I found a solution:

  1. Copy the path of the PortableApps folder which does not replicate. For me, that’s “C:\Users\Emmanuel\SyncedPortableApps\PortableApps”:image
  2. Start a command prompt: Windows key + R + cmd:image
  3. Type “attrib –s ” and then paste the path you copied previously (or type it of you don’t know how to paste in a command window) and finally press the Enter key. In my case, that’s “attrib –s C:\Users\Emmanuel\SyncedPortableApps\PortableApps”:image

It turns out that some PortableApps folders (another one is the Documents folder; you can do the same procedure by changing the path) are tagged as “system” and therefore are not replicated by Windows Live Mesh. Marking the as non-system makes the replicable again.

If, on the other hand, you wish NOT to replicate some folders on your Mesh’ed folders, apply the “system” attribute to them: “attrib +s Folder_Path_Not_to_Replicate”.

I hope this helps.

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