Solved: streaming media (music) not showing anymore in WHS 2011

I encountered a problem today when my music would disappear from Windows Media Center clients and the list of songs in the media streaming section of remote web access would be nearly empty (just a few dozen songs would be listed).

It happened after I upgraded MonStor software (rebranded DriveBender storage pool technology for TranquilPC home servers) on the server. I had to recreate some of my server shared folders, and I guess the Windows Media Player service on the server didn’t like it and got corrupted somehow.

I binged for solutions and found this support forum post which resolved my problem:

  1. May not be necessary, but it doesn’t hurt: perform a server reboot
  2. After reboot, connect to your Windows Home Server 2011 server using Remote Desktop Connection (Windows key + R + “mstsc.exe servername”) using Administrator credentials
  3. Launch the Dashboard, click on Settings and turn off media streamingimage
  4. Open the Services management snap-in (Windows key + R + “services.msc”) and stop the “windows media player network sharing service”: image
  5. Rename the “CurrentDatabase_(number).wmdb” file in “C:\Users\MediaStreamingAdmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player”: image
  6. Back to the Services management snap-in, start the “windows media player network sharing service”
  7. Turn on media streaming from server dashboard. Immediately, the database file is recreated and starts filling up (it might take some time to recreate the whole database depending on your media library on the server).

I hope this helps.

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4 Responses to Solved: streaming media (music) not showing anymore in WHS 2011

  1. Great areticle sir!! There is no much info on Windows Home Server 2001 and seems not much people is interested in keeping the library in order 🙂


  2. Ekrem says:

    you rock, you are the tech guy

  3. Derek says:

    Perfect! Solved my issue thanks!

  4. Terrence says:

    Had the same issue after installing Serviio on my WHS 2011. Also affected my Windows Phone Connector app. This solution worked for both. Thanks.

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