Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! This is my new place to share thoughts longer than 140 characters.

I tried the automatic migration from Live Spaces, but it didn’t work. I exported my 12 previous posts successfully, but I figured they were not interesting enough to rewrite them here. So hopefully I’ll write better stuff from now on.

I intended to have 2 separate blogs, one for work/code/projects and one for all other stuff. But, I don’t write enough to justify 2 separate entities, I am not sure how people would find me (do I share one blog or the other) and, like on Twitter, you just tend to write whatever is about YOU anyway, whatever happens in your life and want to share.

I’m also on Twitter (for anyone in the world… except spammers) and Facebook (more for friends/colleagues, people I’ve met in real life). Enjoy!

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